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Retirement Planning

For most, retirement is about having the time and resources to do those things you enjoy most in life. Seeing to it that you have the income necessary to do so is where we come in. We can help savings, growth opportunities and lifetime income needs. Regardless of where you are financially – whether you're buying your first home, are actively contributing to your retirement savings, or are nearing your desired retirement age – Summit Pointe Financial can customize solutions to help meet your current and future needs.

Retirement planning can be overwhelming – we're here to help.

Keeping up with the ever changing guidelines and opportunities when it comes to retirement planning can feel like a fulltime job. Actually, it is a full time job – it just does not have to be yours alone. Summit Pointe professionals know all the details and can break down financial concepts and decisions into small, manageable steps. At Summit Pointe Financial, we believe it's the key to reaching long-term goals. Small steps can have big impact. We provide professional guidance that fits your life and investing style – whether you prefer to be heavily involved in the process and decisions or opt to have someone to manage more of it for you.

Summit Pointe can put a customized plan in place that can help you accumulate, and distribute your retirement income. We offer a full suite of retirement strategies to suit your individual needs that include:

Our retirement strategies may help you:

  • Avoid outliving your assets
  • Provide retirement income payments for as long as you live
  • Diversify your investments
  • Protect beneficiaries with a death benefit
  • Save for retirement and make contributions that may be tax deductible
  • Defer taxes on any investment earnings until withdrawal, when you could be in a lower tax bracket