Stephen White, RICP®

Financial Advisor

Since 1991, Stephen White has seen all of the challenges that keep people awake worrying:What happens if? What happens if the market goes down - will I have enough to live on? My husband or wife just passed away - will I be alright? Will I be able to retire or will I have to keep working? What if my health changes and I can’t work? What happens if I need help or care? Will I be able to leave a legacy for my family? Will I be able to navigate this pandemic? Helping people face those challenges and many others keeps Stephen excited for work each morning and guides his recommendations.

Helping good folks just like you to preserve and protect your assets, values, lifestyle, faith, and the people you care about is of the highest priority to him. Stephen strives to help you discover and implement actions that will make your intentions a reality. He utilizes a planning process designed to educate, organize, and prepare clients for the inevitable financial challenges of life, meaning he invests the time required to understand and value each client’s personal and financial goals, turning their desires into a concrete plan of action.

Over his career, Stephen has helped countless people with their greatest financial challenges: protecting the family against the unknown, avoiding overpayment of taxes, saving for retirement, helping people not outlive their income, navigating people through long term care issues and passing an inheritance to the next generation.

Although he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Central Missouri, Stephen’s education began far earlier. Growing up in Mineola, Missouri (population 60), he learned the value of a good day's work and saw what can be achieved when people pull together toward a goal.

Most of the financial goals he pursues for clients are ones he desires for his own family. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Renee, since 1996. They have two children: a daughter and son n law and a son in college.

Stephen’s biggest passion is serving the Lord through the local church. Since 1985, he has served in a variety of roles – bus driver, numerous committees, teaching, hospital visits, Deacon Chairman. He also enjoyed participating in music and drama ministries, including numerous roles and solos for the Heart of America Christmas Pageant and even playing the role of the Cowardly Lion in a production of The Wizard of Oz. Currently he and his wife attend Abundant Life Church in Lee’s Summit Mo.

As busy as Stephen can be with work, family, and church, he always finds time to talk about his faith, family, his favorite sports teams and his hikes across the Grand Canyon.